A nine-month-old baby boy died in a car accident near Glenwood Springs this week when he was ejected from his car seat. Colorado State Patrol investigators believe the parents did not want to wake the baby up and had left him in the baby seat without the straps buckled around him.

The boy was in the backseat of a Honda Civic that was traveling westbound on Interstate when it lost control and hit the center median. The car rolled several times for 712 feet before landing on its wheels.
The boy’s mother, the driver of the car, was wearing her seatbelt, and was transported to the hospital with moderate to severe injuries according to the Colorado State Patrol.
Colorado State Patrol reminds drivers that an estimated 90 percent of child seats are improperly installed. And a new Colorado law requiring children in cars to be in booster seats until age 8 went into effect earlier this month. It increases the mandatory age for booster seats from 4 to 8 years old. Previously, Colorado required booster seats for all 4 year olds but only encouraged the use of booster seats for children between 4 years and 6 years. See Keep Your Kids in a Booster Seat – It’s the Law!
You can also find information online at www.carseatsColorado.com.

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