A provincial government report has blamed human error for an accident that injured a child at Marble Mountain Ski Resort in western Newfoundland, Canada. The girl broke her pelvis in February when she fell seven or eight meters from a chairlift.

The Government Services report said its investigation found the accident happened because the girl wasn’t properly restrained in her seat. It also found the lift attendant was positioned in such a way that he could not properly see the chair and its riders. The department has ordered changes so the attendant can see whether skiers are properly secured in their chairs.
Officials first thought that no one had been injured in the fall, but the ski area general manager said physicians discovered that the girl had suffered a cracked pelvis after her parents brought her back to the hospital. She had been examined immediately after the fall.
The girl’s fall was one of two ski lift incidents at Marble Mountain in February. In the other, a chair fell about a meter to the ground after it slipped off a cable.

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