A $2-million lawsuit has been filed against the London District Catholic school board and Collingwood’s Blue Mountain Resort for the death of a school girl on a field trip. The lawsuit alleges that the teen did not want to ski on the hill on which she was killed, but was encouraged to do so by her teacher.

The girl was killed when she skied into a tree two years ago while on a school field trip at the resort. The student was wearing a helmet and skiing in the company of a teacher at the time of her fatal accident. The trip was part of the school’s physical-education curriculum. Students were to be marked on their skiing performance on the two-day ski trip, according to the lawsuit, and received less than one hour of instruction from Blue Mountain before being permitted to ski on the mountain.
The London District Catholic school board cancelled all snow-related school trips for the rest of the year after her death on March 5, 2009.


  • Hello-

    I am wondering what the outcome of this case was? I am hoping to use it in my School Law class. I can’t find the outcome however.

  • Thanks for the question – unfortunately I do not know. I have searched my files and online with no answers which suggests the lawsuit was probably settled.

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