Many ski areas have signs warning to be mindful of loose clothing when unloading the ski lift. An accident this weekend demonstrates the very real danger which is posed by a garment becoming entangled with machinery.

Saturday afternoon, 12-year-old Samuel Root was skiing at a Michigan resort with his Boy Scout troop. He was being pulled on a tow rope when his scarf became tangled with the tow rope and he was then drug along the ground. Eventually he was lifted from the ground by the rope until the tow rope finally jammed.

Root was found unresponsive when he was cut down. He was taken to Bronson Methodist Children’s Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Root was put on a ventilator and was in a coma Saturday night. Sunday morning, he was off the ventilator and talking.

The extent of injury is uncertain but he will remain in the intensive care unit for a few days.

The ski resort is investigating the accident.

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