Most people are familiar with road rage, but as people climb aboard their boats, canoes and Jet Skis this summer, some people will lose their cool in what is called “boat rage.” And just like its counterpart on the road, boat rage appears to be escalating.

A boater was arraigned last week for an incident last June on a Massachusetts area lake. He is accused of deliberately running his boat into a couple on a Jet Ski in retaliation for being cut off, according to court documents. As a result of the crash, the female passenger on the Jet Ski sustained a gash in her arm that required eight stitches, court documents state. As the pair cruised the Jet Ski back to the dock, the boat they cut off followed them and allegedly rammed into the side of the Jet Ski.
The boat rode up over the side of the Jet Ski and hit the passenger on the arm and leg. With the Jet Ski on the shore, investigators could see damage to the left side with the fiberglass peeled forward as if the boat slid along the side of the Jet Ski, police report.
In 2007, Salem police arrested a 53-year-old Danvers man for attempted murder and other charges after a bizarre boat attack at the Kernwood Marina. The owner of a pontoon boat was accused of ramming a smaller speedboat in an attempt to kill a 45-year-old Salem man.
The most important advice is that boaters should be aware of and have respect for others on the waterways, including but not limited to swimmers, motorized and nonmotor-vessel traffic. Boaters should also take a boater-safety class to better understand the rules of the waterways.

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