An offhanded comment by an Aspen snowboarder resulted in his being heaved off his chair lift. Seth Beckton was enjoying the fresh snow at Aspen Highlands on Sunday. As he was riding up the Loge Peak chairlift, small talk was exchanged with a skier sharing the chair. An indelicate comment about measuring the depth of the powder by anatomy part led to offense taken by the skier, who felt he was being taunted by Beckton. According to Beckton, the next thing he knew, he was heaved out of the chair by the skier, falling about twenty feet to the ground. Fortunately he landed in deep snow and was not seriously injured. He went on to enjoy the deep powder of the day, then reported his experience to Aspen Skiing Co. For the full story, read The Aspen Times article.

In our ski practice, we have encountered just about every variation of ski accident but this is the first chairlift throw off reported.