Rangers in Rocky Mountain National Park have rescued a 55-year-old Chicago man who tumbled about 900 feet down a mountain while backcountry skiing. Park officials say the man, who was with two other skiers, has several injuries from the accident Wednesday. He was taken to the hospital in Loveland Wednesday evening.

Rangers got word of the accident by cell phone and reached the man around 3 p.m. The man was at 10,600 feet elevation. Members of the Larimer County Search and Rescue helped park employees get the man off the mountain. The park is about 70 miles northwest of Denver.
The accident highlights the dangers of skiing in back country, even on a guided tour. But more importantly, it highlights how essential it is to ski with others. In the case of a fall, avalanche or crash – having another skier ready to assist and call for help can mean the difference between life and death.

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