According to a report released in Innsbruck, nine out of ten skiing and snowboarding accidents involve only one person. Sports scientist Gerhard Ruedl from Innsbruck University’s Sports Sciences Institute said a study based on 3,000 injured skiers and snowboarders last season found that just eight per cent of accidents on Austrian slopes involved collisions between more than one person. The scientist said another result of the survey was that more and more snowboarding accidents – one in ten in the past winter season – occur at fun (terrain) parks. Ruedl said skiing had the reputation of a dangerous sport, while only 1.2 to 1.7 in 1,000 skiers injure themselves every winter, adding that the risk of an accident had fallen by around ten per cent in the past ten years.
The Austrian Committee for Traffic Safety (KfV) recently announced they expected around 56,000 of the nine to ten million people skiing or snowboarding on Austrian slopes this winter to end up in hospital as 58,100 people had been severely injured during the last winter season.

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