A judge’s wife has died after a skiing accident while on holiday in Austria. Carol Tolson, 55, lost control, fell and suffered severe head injuries while on the slopes with her husband Robin. Mr Tolson was just a few yards behind her and saw the fall. He helped her to her feet, but she complained of a severe headache and collapsed in front of him.

The music teacher never regained consciousness and died at Innsbruck Hospital, seven days after the accident. Police say no other skier was involved, and that she simply lost her balance and fell while on the slopes in Obergurgl. It has not been revealed whether she was wearing a helmet.
Mrs Tolson is the 31st person to die in Austria’s current ski season, more than double last year’s total and with two months to go until the season finishes. The province of Salzburg recorded the most fatalities, ahead of Tyrol which is Austria’s largest winter sports area.
Between 56,000 and 60,000 people have to be taken to hospital after skiing and snowboarding injuries in the Austrian Alps every year. Experts say that excessive speed and skiing under the influence of alcohol were the main cause of many of these accidents. The rise in deaths is also due to the increasing popularity of Austria as a skiing destination.

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