Recent developments in Colorado law, consumer rights and ski safety discussed.

Anchor and Protect!

Falling furniture, electronics, and appliances caused at least 363 fatalities in the United States from 2000 through 2012. And more than 4 out of every... Read more →

Change Your Mind!

The Brain Injury Association of America works to de-stigmatize brain injury through outreach within the brain injury community. The BIAA empowers those who have survived... Read more →

Funeral Homes Need Greater Scrutiny

Recent reports concerning Hermitage Cremation Provider, a cremation service with no facility located in Colorado but heavily marketed in the state, was labeled “willfully dishonest”... Read more →

Snowboarders Behaving Badly

Collisions on ski slopes are not uncommon and, though most ski safety laws require exchange of information between the involved parties, occasionally a hit-and-run will... Read more →

Less Snow, More Risk

Dr. Dan Gregorie, head of the California-based SnowSport Safety Foundation, has spent the past decade working for greater safety in the sport, and greater transparency... Read more →

Dangers of CO Poisoning

Just this past week five people died of carbon monoxide, CO, poisoning. A youngster and adult perished in an outdoor trailer while camping, and grandparents... Read more →

Mandatory Ski Helmets

Boyne Resorts has adopted a new policy requiring all workers to wear safety helmets when working on the mountains. The new policy follows the death... Read more →

When to Break Into a Car

A new Colorado law went into effect last month which protects individuals who break into a stranger’s vehicle to save a life – but certain... Read more →

Your Right to Review

Consumers are rating everything from medical care to margaritas, leaving businesses unhappy when poor reviews pop up online. In March of 2017 a new federal... Read more →

No Flood of Lawsuits

Like so much “common wisdom” of our culture, the view that our court system is flooded with lawsuits filed by “trial lawyers” has no factual... Read more →

Enjoy a Safe Fourth of July

Before purchasing fireworks for personal use, check your local ordinances and restrictions. Fireworks of all types are illegal for personal use in Denver. In Jefferson... Read more →

Keep Cool by the Pool

On average, ten unintentional drowning deaths occur each day and one in every five victims is a child age fourteen or younger. And the Center... Read more →

Ski Rage Results in Lawsuit

Last Valentine’s Day, a 12-year-old fell while skiing at Mountain Creek, a small ski resort in New Jersey. The youngster slid into Samuel Caruthers and... Read more →

Baby Powder Trial Tossed

Johnson & Johnson faces more than 1,000 lawsuits claiming the company’s talc powder, commonly called baby powder, caused ovarian cancer. But for the roughly 200 women... Read more →

Return of the Ski Train

State officials and Winter Park staff recently announced that weekend passenger train service between Denver’s Union Station and Winter Park Ski Resort will begin Jan.... Read more →

Back to School

The week following the Labor Day holiday is the traditional beginning of school, with many students in Colorado beginning even earlier in August.  Commuters must... Read more →