Even though the ski season is all but over, another skier death occurred this past weekend. One man died and two were injured in a Sunday morning avalanche that swept the challenging Sickle Couloir on Mount Moran in Wyoming.

The man killed in the slide was identified late Sunday as Luke Lynch, 38, a Jackson resident and the Wyoming director of the Conservation Fund. The group also included Jackson Hole residents Zahan Billimoria, 37, a well-known skier and mountaineer who works at Exum Mountain Guides; attorney Stephen P. Adamson Jr., 42; and Brook Yeomans, 37, a Colter Elementary School teacher.

Adamson was critically injured in the avalanche. He was flown from the mountain to Jackson Hole Airport and from there to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls. Yeomans was also injured, but not so seriously.

Billimoria was able to get out of the slide and then aid his companions until Grand Teton National Park rangers could arrive. Because snow continued to run, Billimoria dragged his friends out of the slide path.
Some of the men were swept 500 feet over ice and rock before the avalanche came to a stop.

Park rangers got the call at about 9:30 a.m. and had the first rescuer on scene by late morning. They were off the mountain by 3 p.m.

Some rescuers were flown to the site and others reached the area after boating across Jackson Lake from Colter Bay Marina, Skaggs said. There are no maintained trails to the base of the mountain, which rises to 12,605 feet north of the better known Grand Teton and its mates in the Cathedral Group.

Moran’s summit is 6,000 feet above Jackson Lake, 2 miles to the east. Sickle Couloir is a narrow 3,100-foot chute that starts at the top of a shoulder of the peak and runs to tree line at up to 45 degrees. It was first skied in 2000.

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