A 4 year-old from Las Vegas is recovering after being injured in a fall from a ski lift at Brian Head Ski Resort, a southern Utah resort.  Police say the 4-year-old girl was riding a “bunny hill” lift with an 8-year-old girl last Friday afternoon when their skis became tangled, causing the younger girl to fall.  The 8-year-old tried unsuccessfully to catch the younger girl.

She fell about 25 feet, landed on her feet and then fell backward, suffering serious leg and shoulder injuries.  She was taken by medical helicopter to a St. George hospital with injuries that were not considered life threatening.

Most of the comments in response to this report criticize the young girl’s parents for allowing two such young skiers alone on a ski lift.  However, many ski schools routinely place young students together on lifts as the class loads.  And others will pair young students with adults who are complete strangers and randomly asked while in lift lines.  It is unknown whether the Las Vegas youngster was enrolled in a ski school lesson at the time of the accident, but the accident highlights the need to ask before choosing a ski class – with whom shall my child ride the ski lifts?

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