December 24, 2010, Kelli Johnson and her five-year-old daughter were skiing down beginner terrain at a city owned resort in Casper, WY. While on the Dreadnaught Run run at Casper Mountain, the young girl’s ski fell off and the pair stopped to reattach the ski. At this time, a young snowboarder, Craig Shirley, came down the run at suspected speeds of 50 mph. Shirley collided with the Johnson family, resulting in the death of both the young girl and the snowboarder, and left the girl’s mother with severe injuries.

The family of the young girl has filed an amusement park lawsuit against the city of Casper and Casper Mountain Ski Patrol claiming that because prior knowledge existed, and even warnings, that Shirley was a reckless snowboarder, the resort should have restricted his access, and warned other patrons about the dangerous conditions that existed while he was riding on the hill.

Thinking of a ski resort as an amusement park is not usually the first thought for many individuals, but the accidents that occur at ski resorts may fall into the amusement park category.

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