When a Senate committee unanimously approved a bill that would put Colorado on daylight saving time year-round, nobody appeared to testify against it. But it appears Colorado ski resorts have awakened to the impact of such a schedule change, and promise to challenge the bill at the next opportunity.

Sen. Greg Brophy, R-Wray, got his Senate Bill 22 through the energy committee on a 6-0 vote last month. Part of the support for the change is that Coloradans would appreciate the extra outdoor recreational time his bill would afford them in the evenings, but ski resorts are more concerned with how the time change would affect them in the mornings during their peak winter season.
Members of Colorado Ski Country see it as cutting an hour off of morning skiing due to a delay in opening. The extra darkness in the morning would require ski resorts delay performing avalanche maintenance and other important work to make the slopes ready for skiers and snowboarders, which would push opening times back. SB 22 next faces the Senate Appropriations Committee.

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