Work on behalf of our clients helps all.

At Chalat Hatten & Banker, we firmly believe that much of our work on behalf of clients is also serving the needs of our community through ensuring a safer, healthier environment for all.  Each time we successfully pursue a defendant for bad conduct, whether a drunk driver, an exhausted surgeon or an unresponsive landlord, we achieve a benefit for all.  Our ski litigation practice has contributed significantly to the increased safety of ski trails with improved padding and visibility of man-made hazards.  We have accompanied clients to testify before state legislative committees on numerous proposed bills, including the recent proposal to increase the damages cap for CGIA claims which became law this July.   Over the thirty years during which the firm has existed, we have had the distinction of many high-impact cases, including:

Dedicated involvement outside the law office.

At Chalat Hatten & Banker, we believe that showing support should be more than a simple donation.  Since 2011, the firm has received the Colorado Supreme Court Pro Bono Award for its commitment to providing legal help to the disadvantaged and under-served. This past year, every lawyer in the firm was recognized for meeting the goal.

We focus our community efforts on causes that align with our core values as a firm.  Our staff takes an active role in contributing to community organizations in a way that best supports the organization whether it be by financial contribution, through community awareness, or by volunteering.

As a firm, we support projects that enrich our community.

Jim and Linda Chalat at DU Law

Team members of the firm:

Everyday through our work as Colorado personal injury lawyers, we seek change in the legal system and advocate for the rights of our clients.