In a recent press release from the American Bar Association, President Laurel Bellows, announced that the ABA was supporting The Assault Weapons Regulatory Act of 2013. The bill proposes to ban high capacity ammunition machines that allow more than 10 rounds at a time as well as the sale, transfer, and the importing of over 120 specifically named weapons.

After the bill was introduced to the Senate by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Bellows wrote a letter to Feinstein stating appreciation for the bill and announcing the ABA’s support. Bellows wrote, “These particular weapons and clips were designed for killing large numbers of persons quickly; they have no other use in civilian hands. The ABA believes that enactment of this legislation is an essential step, though only part of the answer, to keeping our nation’s schoolchildren and all our citizens safe from future mass shootings.”

In light of recent tragedies involving guns, several bills have already been introduced in this year’s session to limit availability and access to guns. Through a grandfather clause, this bill still allows current owners to continue possessing weapons that do not meet the requirements of the new laws, but new sales would no longer be allowed. Guns that are no longer legal may not be transferred or sold to new owners, but the legislation also proposes buy-back programs for owners to sell their guns.


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