A father from Georgia watched as his 4-year-old son was plowed into on the ski slope at Beaver Creek by another skier. In an act of “slope rage” the father punched the offending skier, to only later learn it was a 14 year old girl from Mexico who had collided with the little boy.

The teen had veered to avoid another skier when she bumped into the boy. The father of the boy was quite contrite afterwards, but nonetheless was charged with misdemeanor child abuse. A conviction could result in up to two years in county jail.
The girl, a beginner skier from Mexico, required treatment at a local medical clinic for minor injuries. A police statement describes the father as having “jumped on top of the girl and hit her in the face with his fist.” Evidently the girl’s ski instructor stopped Filler from continuing to strike the teen.
Slope rage, as it’s called, is a “very rare” occurrence at Beaver Creek, said a resort spokeswoman. The resort revoked the father’s skiing privileges at all six Vail Resorts ski areas and banned him from all Vail Resorts lodging properties for an “indefinite” period.

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