According to the 2007 US Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Facts, the leading cause of death for children ages three to fourteen years of age is motor vehicle crashes. In 2009, it was estimated each day four children were killed and 409 injured in motor vehicle crashes.

If children are passengers in your vehicle, it is important to practice these safety tips:

  • Children under 12 are safest when properly restrained in a vehicle and in the back seat, away from deploying air bags.
  • Read both safety seat manufacture instructions and vehicle safety instructions to insure proper safety of children riding in your vehicle.
  • Children in rear facing safety seats should not be placed in the back seat of vehicles, away from passenger seats with air bags.
  • Check twice before backing up. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration,18,000 injuries occur on average because of back up accidents. Most of these injuries involve older adults and children.


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