The countdown has started!

With Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, the season is about ready to kick-off. Labor Day weekend, ski shops in the Denver metro area start hosting sales with up to 90% off last year’s ski and snowboard gear. This weekend, ski resorts will also start season pass sales at the various sales.

The 59th annual Sports Authority’s Sniagrab (Bargains spelled backwards) will kick off with 40-90% off at the Sports Castle starting at 8:00am on Saturday August 31, 2013.

Colorado Ski and Golf’s Ski Rex sale begins Saturday, August 31, 2013. You can sign up for a $10 off coupon and VIP access before the sale opens to the public.

Christy Sports Powder Daze sale offers up to 70% off starting August 23, 2013 at their special warehouse in Park Meadows. Powder Daze is the host of Copper Mountain 5 packs (buyers will receive an extra day by purchasing at the sale) for $149.


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